LDAP Servers

  • OpenLDAP - Open source LDAP software including servers, clients, and SDKs.
  • Active Directory - Windows 2000 Directory Services.
  • Novell - Novell eDirectory
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Server - LDAP Server for IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows Server, HP-UX, and SUSE and Red Hat Linux distributions from IBM.
  • Oracle - standards-based LDAP directory that leverages high availability and security features of an Oracle database.
  • ADAM - Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Application Mode.

LDAP related sites

  • LDAP Guru - A web portal for discussion and sharing of information about LDAP and Directory Services. Includes discussion forums and recent news.
  • E Mailman (sm) - Archive of LDAP Servers, Client for Windows, Linux and Macintosh, LDAP books and resources.
  • dmoz.org directory servers

AD Related Sites

LDAP browsers/Editors